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 [MRG] vs Exite

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[MRG] vs Exite Empty
PostSubject: [MRG] vs Exite   [MRG] vs Exite EmptyFri Sep 30, 2011 3:21 pm

Be glad to know we have won yet another War, Mrg vs Exite, we won 17-3 and all the other wars we played they all left because we were winning Razz
so here is the screenshot
enjoy and well done, [MRG] Flow (leader) [MRG] Kripto (co-lead) and [MRG] Wood (admin)[MRG] vs Exite Mrgwin

[MRG] vs Exite Puritysig1
[MRG] Purity
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[MRG] vs Exite
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